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Benefits of Using IBC Digital Bridge to Canada for Foreign Businesses

Benefits of Using IBC Digital Bridge to Canada for Foreign Businesses

IBC Digital Bridge Platform is designed to help also foreign businesses to streamline the process of discovery of export development direct investment opportunities in Canadian Municipalities and Provinces by leveraging advantages and benefits of Foreign Trade Zones, multiply the effectiveness of their international investment promotion efforts and the performance of attracting attention of Municipal | Province | Government Programs to their Direct Investment | Export Initiatives. Using the Platform enables them significantly reduce administrative and operational costs related to the promotion campaigns as well.

According to our evaluation, using the Platform during 3 consecutive years would help foreign businesses triple amount of leads from Canadian Municipalities | Provinces and increase their exports up to 30% in the North America.

Foreign businesses directly or through their representatives can use the Platform as a service to Present, Promote, Connect and Communicate their Direct Investment | Export Initiatives to Municipalities | Provinces | Canada Government Programs using dedicated digital tools of the Platform. Personalised panels of IBC Digital Bridge can also be used as an extension to foreign business's website to route their visitors from Canada to available investment and export initiatives promoted through IBC Digital Bridge.

IBC Digital Bridge provides its subscribers with integrated digital toolset to effectively Present, Promote, Connect and Communicate their Business Investment | Export Initiatives, all from single desktop, tablet or mobile.

The available integrated digital tools:

  • dedicated media forms for submitting promotional materials on the Direct Investment | Export Initiatives including possibility to add relevant images (image slider), video (private video, YouTube or Vimeo), Executive Summary, etc.
  • geolocation tools to show promoted opportunities on Google Map with access to the opportunity contents and even to its location on the street, in a click,
  • private video-audio enabled digital rooms (Video Chat) to enable your one-to-one communication,
  • private Instant messaging between subscribers,
  • immediate SMS-to-mobile service from within your browser window, to share information about an opportunity or initiative information with friends or colleagues YOU KNOW,
  • dashboard of available Municipal | Provincial Investment Opportunities with possibility of immediate booking One-to-One Online Video Meeting(s) with the business originated the Opportunity, and sorting contents by country, province, municipality, type of investment, industry sector, investment expected, etc.
  • dashboard of foreign business' own Direct Investment | Export Initiatives, which are being promoted on IBC Digital Bridge,
  • advertize thjeir initiatives on Front page, Discovery pages and other pages of the Platform,
  • event calendar scheduled for specific subscriber,
  • many other convenience digital tools.



Submit Foreign Business Investment | Export Initiative to Municipal | Provincial Businesses of Canada.



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