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Foreign Direct Investment & Export Development Initiatives

Benefits of Using IBC Digital Bridge by Business Development Offices and Experts, Chambers of Commerce or Boards of Trade

By HQ IBC Digital ..., 10/30/2016 - 18:52
Digital Services for Global Business Development Experts

The IBC Digital Bridge enables Business Development Offices and Experts, Financial Brokers, Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade to effectively communicate 24/7 with their business clients and help them in attracting foreign direct investments, and develop exports of local & foreign businesses in a cost-effective manner by leveraging advantages and benefits of Foreign Trade Zones and other technical asistance programs. They benefit of wide variety of platform's digital services enabling them to:

  • Collect Foreign Export Development (ED) Initiatives and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Opportunities 24/7 from the businesses from overseas
  • Assist their local business clients over the Internet (using secure web interface) in formulation of attractive Foreign Direct Investment | Export Development Opportunities, particularly, in formulation of Executive Summary or Product Description
  • Promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Opportunities or Export Development Opportunities of their local business clients for attention of foreign businesses in selected countries (markets)
  • Advertise available financing opportunities and provide expert support to portfolio of investment | export development projects
  • Connect their local business clients with potential foreign business partners for implementation of selected foreign export initiative(s) or foreign direct investment opportunitie(s)
  • To provide technical assistance, edit and publish selected Foreign Direct Investment | Export Initiatives on behalf of their respective clients from Canada, Ukraine or another country (should the permission is granted)
  • Access IBC Reporting Maps integrated with Google Maps to view reports regarding the geographic locations of FDI or ED opportunities by municipality, industry sector, type, cost, need in expertise, etc., as well as, to view expressions of interest from foreign businesses regarding the advertised opportunities
  • Access IBC Digital Rooms service to hold private video-chats regarding specific opportunities
  • as a result, multiply performance and effectiveness in attracting FDIs and foreign exports development by leveraging advantages and benefits of Foreign Trade Zones, create better customer experience and achieve marvelous loyalty of their clients, as well as, attract much more new clients (members).

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