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9 Reasons Why International Technical Assistance Programs Should Take Advantage of IBC Digital Bridge

Mykhailo Magal's picture
By Mykhailo Magal, 07/21/2015 - 22:49
International Technical Cooperation (Assistance) Digital Bridge to Ukraine

Because using the IBC Digital Bridge platform during planning and implementation of international technical cooperation (assistance) programs means:

  • moving away from supply-driven and costly on-site approaches, and instead,
  • reinforcing innovative need-driven technology empowered mobile and systematic approach that create trust and mutual understanding among the technical assistance process participants, and makes technical cooperation (assistance):...
    1. Need-driven: technical cooperation takes place in response to country-beneficiary’s priorities;
    2. Owned by beneficiary: with high level of involvement on part of the country-beneficiary, since the initiative comes from them;
    3. Conducive to pooling technical assistance funds: sponsors pool their funds for selected technical cooperation initiative(s) to improve coordination and encourage country leadership;
    4. Clear about roles and results expected: technical cooperation beneficiaries and sponsors work together starting submission of Technical Cooperation Initiative to sponsor;
    5. Supportive to building mutual trust based on information exchange and face-to-face interaction using the platform and shared understanding of what is the foundation of most successful Technical Cooperation pooling exercises (including trust among sponsors, not just between sponsors and countries-beneficiaries);
    6. Contextually better analyzed: in-depth analysis of national contexts and underlying capacity constraints can be identified early and mitigated on project initiation phase;
    7. Cost-effective: most consulting meetings and part of trainings are being suggested for delivery online to save on per-diem, travel and printing of materials; 
    8. Technology empowered to achieve greater coordination: platform built-in workflow and private messaging system foster  coordination among sponsors and beneficiaries to better integrate technical cooperation process with relevant national development strategies; 
    9. Supportive to small, incremental, and context-sensitive initiatives that stand a better chance of success than comprehensive ones.
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