International Business Cooperation Digital Bridge

Foreign Direct Investment & Export Development Initiatives

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Mykhailo MAGAL, Ph.D., ITIL(v3)

Chairman & President of IBC Bridge Canada, Inc.

Founder of IBC Digital Bridge Platform


Mykhailo holds a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, University Certificate in Computer Automation of Scientific Research and Masters in International Economic Relations. He is IT Service Management (ITIL v3) certified. He is a member of Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and represents IBC Bridge Canada Inc. at Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (Toronto)

Last 15 years of Mykhailo’s activity can be described as spearheading, architecting and implementing innovative digital business models, e-commerce web solutions and interactive business systems to present, promote, connect and communicate foreign direct investment and export development initiatives and opportunities on the basis of public-private partnerships.

He has extensive experience in

  • design and deployment of digital business models to support community investment programs within the framework of government programs,
  • research and feasibility study regarding implementation of new digital business ideas using latest technology solutions,
  • alignment of innovative information technology solutions with organizational development strategy and business processes.

Since 1996 the areas of application of his expertise are:

  • building capacity for implementation of municipal | regional (province) investment programs,
  • building cross-border partnerships for local sustainable development,
  • promoting foreign direct investments & export development on the basis of latest technology solutions (CITeXchange, Trade iBridge). 

When working on setting-up of digital resources for Canadian brands such as Inbound.Digital,, Trade iBridge, and IBC Bridge Canada Inc. in various roles since 2011, he also applies his expertise to

  • inbound marketing automation,
  • e-commerce integration,
  • mitigating the risks of failure in complex information technology projects (download his whitepaper) 
  • development and implementation of IT systems to present, promote, connect and communicate foreign direct investment and export development initiatives | opportunities by multiple in-country and foreign stakeholders (IBC Digital Bridge platform)

Mykhailo also brings his customers capability of data intelligence and predictive analytics, complex IT systems planning and risks mitigation, sales and marketing integration and global enterprise asset management. He successfully completed integration of hundreds PHP, Java or .Net applications and functional modules connected to both Oracle and MySQL database management systems.

In the role of Chairman & President of IBC Bridge Canada Inc., today he is continuing working on deployment of IBC Digital Bridge Platform to enable services of IBC Digital Bridge to Canada & IBC Digital Bridge to Ukraine.



IBC Bridge Canada Inc. proudly extends its gratitude to

  • hundreds of programmers from global Drupal community, whose open source software modules had been applied during integration of IBC Digital Bridge platform
  • partnering data centers, which reliably kept lights "ON" of our servers during the development and integration of the Platform during 2010-2016,
  • developer teams of
    • Twilio for providing resources to enable VoIP communication for customers of IBC Digital Bridge (Browser-to-Phone, Browser-to-Browser, Send SMS, Incoming calls management)
    • Video.js, MediaElements.js and JW Player for providing resources to enable seamless integration of video-audio capabilities into customer's forms and content on IBC Digital Bridge Platform,
    • RedHen CRM that adds capability of managing relationships and interactions with people and organizations within IBC Digital Bridge Platform,
    • Google for providing access to the resources of Google Geolocation system (by IP and by physical address) that enables showing locations of foreign direct investment initiatives | opportunities on global map, that can be viewed on reporting pages of IBC Digital Bridge,
    • Revolution Slider and Nivo Slider for enabling superior slideshow capability of customer's presentation materials,
    • AVChat plugin that creates Platform's capability to host multiple video-chat sessions to enable video-audio communications of our globally distributed customers in private digital rooms of IBC Digital Bridge Canada and IBC Digital Bridge Ukraine
    • Leaflet Java Script library for adding simplicity, performance and usability of the maps rendered on IBC Digital Bridge
  • our families for their sacrifices and personal support,
  • our volunteers in Canada and Ukraine, who support the idea of IBC Digital Bridge and whose efforts contributed to making IBC Digital Bridge happen.


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